Avoid & Reverse Cognitive Decline

Avoid & Reverse Cognitive Decline “Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented, and in many cases its associated cognitive decline can be reversed.” ― Dale Bredesen, MD, The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline What is dementia? Mild decline in memory is normal as we age, for example, forgetting someone’s name or where … Continue Reading »

Understanding Insulin Resistance and Its Relationship to Your Oral Health

Insulin is a vital hormone that regulates blood sugar (glucose) in your body. As the food you eat is broken down into sugar, the sugar enters your bloodstream, signaling the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin helps the sugar enter your body’s cells so it can be used for energy. Insulin also signals the liver to … Continue Reading »

Ozone Water in Dentistry – Takes Disinfection to a Higher Level

Dr. Isaac Comfortes of Encino, California is one of a few dentists who have converted to strictly using ozone water. The use of ozonated water in our irrigation lines thoroughly disinfects and sterilizes the water lines. When your mouth is irrigated during procedures, ozone water reaches and penetrates carious dentin and periodontal pockets where no … Continue Reading »