Staying Healthy During the COVID19 Outbreak

With the coronavirus outbreak, treatment for inflammation and prevention of infection and disease is more important than ever. The body can only handle so much inflammation and the healthier a person is – the less chronic inflammation taxing the body – the easier it is to fight off other infections, including viral. This is why we take any infectious oral conditions, like gum disease, so seriously. Brushing, flossing and home care may seem mundane, but so is washing your hands. These “mundane” acts can help keep you healthy. 

Perio Protect is an excellent way to treat oral inflammation. If you have Perio Trays® already, the medication applied with the trays, Perio Gel® with 1.7% hydrogen peroxide, is highly effective at killing pathogens and reducing microbial loads: it also kills the coronavirus. While there are many ways to contract the virus and using peroxide in special prescription trays will not prevent you from contracting the virus, Perio Tray® therapy will help reduce the risk of transmission in addition to addressing bacterial infections and inflammation in your gums. It is important to keep using these trays. For those of you who do not have Perio Trays®, you can apply gel to your gum tissue, leave on for at least a minute and spit out.  You can use gel up to 4 times a day.  Should you need more gel, please go to  Use coupon code: Comfo1 to get $5 off gel. 

We will get through this pandemic and our lives will return to a more normal state in due time. This experience has helped me refocus on those things which are really important to me. High among those things are my profession. Being a dentist allows me to be a part of many lives, and you, my patients have made my life fuller and better. Please be cautious, follow the CDC recommended precautions, and stay safe. When this is over, we look forward to us sharing a happy future together.

~ Dr. Isaac Comfortes