An Artist’s Eye and a Healer’s Passion

All that is good begins with a beautiful SMILE.

Total Health Dentistry Diagram: family, community, nutrition, stress management, exercise, genetics, spiritual connection, sleep, oral and systemic health

Encino dentist Dr. Isaac Comfortes is a master of blending knowledge, art, skill, and compassion to achieve relaxing dental experiences. For over 25 years, he has restored patients with complex dental problems and created long-lasting incredible smiles. In addition, Dr. Comfortes and his team are on the leading edge of the Oral Systemic Health movement, expanding public knowledge and providing evidence-based dental care that supports TOTAL WELLNESS in all its aspects of your body and life.

Dentistry is entering a renaissance of expanding care that integrates the latest scientific evidence and the mindful (and even spiritual journey) of today’s health-conscious renaissance men and women. We invite you to explore our dentistry articles and frequently visit our dental office blog.

Alzheimer's Be Prevented?

Treat the Cause of Alzheimer's


We welcome new patients, but we also realize that not every patient will feel comfortable reaching out to a dental practice that is as leading edge as ours. If you would like an initial consultation with Dr. Comfortes to “just talk” and get to know us personally before scheduling a new patient exam, you may schedule a complimentary “preclinical conversation” appointment. Our patients will tell you that Dr. Comfortes is adept at understanding the needs and wants of each patient, and tailoring both preventive and restorative dentistry to each individual.

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Gentle, Thorough Dentistry that Supports Total Health

Dr. Comfortes and his team provide optimal dental care to support TOTAL WELLNESS. This means you are given opportunities to have Oral DNA saliva testing, have a dentist who has expertise in finding early evidence of systemic health problems, are provided individualized treatment plans to meet your special oral health and systemic health circumstances, receive tips and tactics for lowering systemic inflammation, and have immediate access to medical specialists and nutritionists for integrative treatment. You also have the option of experiencing the all-natural and non-narcotic NuCalm™ deep relaxation system to relax, destress, and become comfortably at ease throughout dental procedures. Read more…

Encino Dentist, Oral DNA Saliva Testing

Individualized Restorative Care Resulting in Optimal Beauty and Health

Dr. Comfortes’s mastery of smile design and restorative dental procedures is admired by his colleagues. Restorative procedures for restoration of acid eroded teeth and cosmetic treatment of damaged gum tissue are examples of treatments he inventively developed for his patients with special needs. Over the last 20 years, he has frequently made presentations about cosmetic dentistry at professional meetings and in advanced dental courses to share his techniques. Many of Los Angeles’s most beautiful smiles are a result of his meticulous handiwork over the last 25 years. And, because dental restorations and complete smile makeovers by Dr. Comfortes are carefully achieved with optimal biting and speaking function in mind, they last. Read more…

Patient Testimonials

Dental Care as Unique as You Are

When you come into our dental office in Encino, California, you are stepping into the world of a dentist who sees you as a unique and interesting individual, who cares about your personal story and your goals, and who believes you are deserving of his time, attention, and finest care. Dr. Isaac Comfortes and our entire dentistry team connect well with patients. We understand your concerns, even if you are a dental phobic. We genuinely care about you and easily make connections with patients. You are in control of your oral health decisions and will not be pressured. Rather, you will be gently guided towards improved oral health, comfort, confidence, and natural beauty in a way that supports total health and in a way that is most appropriate for you.

Total Health Encouragement

Encouragement is one of our strengths. We befriend and care about our patients as whole people… intellectually, spiritually, and biologically. Conversations with Dr. Isaac Comfortes transform lives by fueling each patient’s inner drive to be the healthiest they can be. The advice you need… the encouragement you need… are all here at Total Health Dentistry of Encino.

Call for an appointment and experience dentistry like you’ve never experienced it before.

We invite you to step into the world of a dentist who has an artist’s eye and a healer’s passion for creating beautiful, healthy smiles, and long-lasting systemic health.