Infection Control Taken to a Higher Level

Encino dentist Dr. Isaac Comfortes has always taken infection control to a higher and higher level. As a pioneer and leader in the Total Health Dentistry and Integrative Dental Medicine, he is an early adopter of emerging technology and products that make a significant difference on oral and systemic health. Some examples include:

  • The use of ozonated water in our irrigation lines is something we do in our dental office that few dentists do. Ozone thoroughly disinfects and sterilizes the water lines, and when your mouth is irrigated during procedures, ozone water reaches and penetrates carious dentin and periodontal pockets where no other antibiotic or disinfectant can reach, eliminating bacteria and viruses. The use of this type of water protects our patients, Dr. Comfortes and his care team from aerosol contaminants produced by high speed instruments and water spray.
  • Prior to every procedure, we have our patients swish with a hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse or ozone water. Swishing with either of these and spitting out the rinse is both a safe and proven way to eliminate viruses in the oral cavity, temporarily providing protection.
  • Dr. Comfortes uses Isolite dental isolation technology for superior saliva evacuation and reduction of airborne particles. This technology has demonstrated superior 90% reduction of airborne bacteria and viruses. With the COVID19 outbreak, new “HiVac” technology is emerging and will be implemented.
  • Dr. Comfortes is also implementing a UV light air purifying system that will sanitize all air circulating in our dental office to 100%.

“I want only the best for my patients and will go to great personal expense to make sure they are as safe as possible,” says Dr. Comfortes. “As soon as the COVID19 virus impacted our nation, I began delving into research to learn about new technology. Since that time, I have been networking with technology experts in order to be one of the first dentists to implement the latest advancements available. As we have always done, we are being proactive to make sure our patients have the opportunity to regain optimal oral health in order to support whole body wellness.”