Ozone Water in Dentistry – Takes Disinfection to a Higher Level

Dr. Isaac Comfortes of Encino, California is one of a few dentists who have converted to strictly using ozone water. The use of ozonated water in our irrigation lines thoroughly disinfects and sterilizes the water lines. When your mouth is irrigated during procedures, ozone water reaches and penetrates carious dentin and periodontal pockets where no other antibiotic or disinfectant can reach, eliminating bacteria and viruses. The use of this type of water protects you, our patients, as well as Dr. Comfortes and his care team from aerosol contaminants produced by high speed instruments and water spray.

Learn about another way Dr. Isaac Comfortes is protecting everyone who comes through his office by purifying the air you breathe with our new UVC air purification system.