We Have UVC Air Purification

With the spread of COVID19 on everyone’s mind, Dr. Isaac Comfortes went searching for solutions to keep his office as free as possible from air contaminants of all kinds, including coronavirus. He has had our air handling system converted to Steril-Aire UVC technology.

The Steril-Aire air systems combines HEPA filtration and ultraviolet light (UVC) emitters to totally kill microscopic air contaminants such as bacteria and viruses (including COVID19). These contaminants are so small they have the potential to be suspended in air and circulated indefinitely if it were not for this air purification system.

When you enter our office for your dental appointment, you can be sure that you are breathing air that is continuously and optimally purified. This is just another example of the extent to which Dr. Comfortes has gone to make sure his Encino, California patients are protected.

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