Why Did My Tooth Break?

Sometimes there has been an obvious blow to a tooth due to an accident or sports injury. Many other times, the reason isn’t obvious, so Dr. Isaac Comfortes of Encino, CA, often answers this question for his patients.

There are multiple factors that weaken a tooth until a biting surface chips or a noticeable break occurs. In some cases, biting on something hard, like a nut shell or bone has caused the fracture, especially if the tooth structure has been weakened by a cavity, a filling, or crazing in the enamel due to the forces of biting, chewing and bruxism (involuntary nighttime teeth grinding). In other cases, normal chewing finally breaks off a portion of a tooth that has significant decay or a large filling.

If you experience a broken tooth, you should see Dr. Comfortes soon. A fracture that exposes the nerve of the tooth will be immediately painful. Even if the fracture is only a chip, a sharp edge will be uncomfortable, and the damaged area will be susceptible to tooth decay. Untreated cracks and chips can lead to teeth breaking off at the root, which is an extremely painful condition requiring emergency extraction.

Dr. Comfortes will gently care for your fractured tooth to ease discomfort and restore you to optimal oral health. His is a master of blending knowledge, art, skill, and compassion to achieve relaxing dental experiences. For over 25 years, he has restored patients with broken, cracked, and chipped teeth—and treated the issues that have allowed your tooth structure to become damaged by biting forces, decay, or periodontal infection.

Based on the condition of your tooth, you may need a crown or extraction followed by replacement with a bridge or implant crown. If your tooth is slightly chipped, you might only need bonding or a porcelain veneer. To restore your tooth to beautiful health and exquisite, natural appearance, call Dr. Isaac Comfortes today—(818) 990-9101.