Root Canal Therapy and Holistic Dental Health

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Root canal therapy is sometimes an essential step in eliminating tooth pain and preserving a tooth that has become diseased or injured. For example, bacteria may have entered a crack or under an old filling or crown and then infection developed inside the pulp of the tooth. Or, perhaps, roots were gravely traumatized when a tooth was impacted by a hard blow.

This therapy not only eliminates tooth pain and active disease, but it also enables Dr. Comfortes to preserve the tooth and restore it to natural beauty and comfortable function. In many circumstances, it is an alternative to tooth extraction which Dr. Comfortes would like to avoid if possible.

Dr. Comfortes is an expert in diagnosing when root canal therapy will be beneficial. He refers his patients to a nearby endodontist, who is also holistic in his approach to providing calming treatments and post therapy medication. Using advanced microscope and laser technology, the endodontist makes a hole in the tooth and completely cleans out the root tubules. The root tubules are then filled with a biocompatible material that preserves the outer root structure to continue supporting the tooth. A temporary covering is placed over the access hole and you are scheduled to return to Dr. Comfortes to have the necessary follow-up treatment to restore the tooth to its proper form and function.

Is root canal therapy painful?

Root Canal Therapy is typically not painful. Our patients have reported pain-free treatments.

Eliminating active infection inside a tooth is good for your entire body.

Dr. Comfortes takes gum and tooth infections very seriously. When bacteria collect inside a tooth or the gums, the infection can lead to complications if left untreated. For example, infection can spread through your blood stream to other parts of the body leading to serious and even life-threatening complications.

What happens when a tooth cannot be saved?

When a tooth is removed, it is typically replaced with a prosthetic tooth supported on an implant or with a prosthetic tooth supported on crowns placed on adjacent natural teeth (crown and bridge treatment). If the tooth is not replaced, other teeth can drift into the open space, eating and speaking function is diminished, and other people may see an unappealing hole in your smile.

What dental problems should I report immediately?

You may not need root canal therapy but any of the following circumstances indicate you have an oral health condition that warrants diagnosis. The sooner you seek care, the easier treatment may be.

  • Persistent dental pain.
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that comes and goes.
  • Gums becoming darker around a specific tooth.
  • A specific tooth becoming darker.
  • Swollen or painful gums.
  • An abscess on your gums.
  • Sharp pain while chewing.

Keep in mind that we welcome your calls. No question or concern is unimportant to us. If you are experiencing dental pain of any level or notice changes in your mouth, please call our office. Dr. Isaac Comfortes and his Care Team want to help you.

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