Why Your Smile Matters More Than You Think

The Secret Link Between Your Mouth and Your Health

The Secret Link Between Your Mouth and Your Health Have you ever taken a moment while brushing your teeth in the morning to think about how this routine does more than just combat bad breath? Surprisingly, the condition of your oral health is a mirror to your body’s overall health. Dr. Isaac Comfortes in Encino, … Continue Reading »

Oral Health and Mental Wellness: The Hidden Connection to Dementia and Alzheimer’s  

Old man with toothache.

This blog explores the often-neglected connection between good dental health and overall mental wellness, especially in the case of conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It emphasizes the significance of maintaining oral hygiene, particularly among older individuals, as it can profoundly impact cognitive health. Research shows that having a healthy mouth is essential for functions … Continue Reading »

Reduce Your Risk for CVD & Stroke

Reduce Your Risk for CVD & Stroke At Total Health Dentistry of Encino, Isaac Comfortes, DDS, spends time educating his patients about the connection between their oral health and systemic disease. One of his primary concerns is the significant contribution oral bacteria make in the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD). This is because a preponderance … Continue Reading »