An Artist’s Eye and a Healer’s Passion

All that is good begins with a beautiful SMILE.

Encino, LA Dentist

When you enter our door, you are taking a step into your preferred future…a future of deep health, lasting beauty, and calm.

Encino, LA dentist Dr. Isaac Comfortes is a master of blending knowledge, art, skill, and compassion to achieve relaxing dental experiences. For over 25 years, he has restored patients with complex dental problems and created long-lasting incredible smiles.

Serenity & Calm

Dr. Comfortes offers the NuCalm™ deep relaxation system to his patients. If you have delayed having a dental exam, teeth cleaning or dental treatment because you worry about discomfort or because you suffer from dental anxiety, you will be amazed at the simple way you can slip into pre-sleep relaxation. With the NuCalm non-narcotic therapeutic system, you will feel comfortably at ease throughout dental procedures.

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Lasting Beauty

As Dr. Comfortes’s patient, you will discover there is a level of beauty in your smile you never thought possible to attain before. His mastery of smile design and restorative dental procedures is admired by colleagues. Over the last 20 years, he has frequently made presentations about cosmetic dentistry at professional meetings and in advanced dental courses.

In addition to making aesthetic improvements in the smiles of his patients, he has successfully reconstructed whole mouths for patients suffering from complex oral health problems. In 2003, he pioneered a brand new treatment modality and has restored the tooth surfaces of individuals with significant dental enamel erosion due to bulimia and acid reflex disease. He has even taken the time and interest to work on perfecting some of the innovative materials and methods used in fabrication of custom gum prosthetics so his patients needing these prosthetics can have the best possible smiles.

Dr. Comfortes treasures the one-on-one relationships he has with his patients. Many have been with him for 25 years. He calls them his “friends with Longevity Smiles.” If you choose Dr. Comfortes as your dentist, you can be assured your dental restorations (for example, crowns, bridges, veneers, prosthetic teeth on dental implants, and even simple tooth-colored fillings) will appear aesthetically perfect and natural. They will function optimally in your mouth, and your dentistry will last long into the future.

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Deep Health

In restoring you to a dazzling smile, any and all present oral health problems will be addressed so your beautiful smile can be preserved. And, because Dr. Comfortes genuinely cares about his patients, he supports them in changing lifestyle habits and obtaining the systemic health referrals they need.

Most people realize their body’s health is affected by the foods they eat and the presence or absence of oral disease. Dr. Comfortes offers DNA saliva testing to ascertain your risk of periodontal disease and the presence of specific periopathogenic bacteria so he can help you better eliminate inflammation in your mouth and the spread of bacteria and inflammation throughout your body. Because chronic gum disease is a contributor to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney and liver disease, obesity, head and neck cancer, neuro-inflammatory diseases, preterm birth and more, health-conscious patients are delighted with the availability of this relatively low cost diagnostic service.

Dental Care as Unique as You Are

When you come into our office, you are stepping into the world of a dentist who sees you as a unique and interesting individual, who cares about your personal story and your goals, and who believes you are deserving of his time, attention, and finest care.
We invite you to step into the world of a dentist who has an artist’s eye and a healer’s passion for creating beautiful, healthy smiles. For optimal health and comfort, incredible smile aesthetics, and dentistry that lasts, we invite you to become our patient.

Call for an appointment and experience dentistry like you’ve never experienced before.

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