Why Patients Choose Dr. Comfortes for Smile Makeovers

The aesthetic and functional smile makeovers achieved by Dr. Isaac Comfortes of Encino, CA, are truly exceptional. Many smile makeover patients have been with him for 25 years. He calls them his “friends with longevity smiles.”

Colleagues admire his mastery of smile design and restorative dental procedures. For more than 20 years, Dr. Comfortes has been an instructor in cosmetic dentistry and made frequent presentations at professional meetings about his advanced techniques.

Every patient is unique and chooses restorative and cosmetic treatment for her or his own reasons.

  • We have patients in the entertainment industry who realize they need to improve the aesthetics of their smile and seek out Dr. Comfortes due to his reputation. They are delighted to be selected for more on-screen roles after their smiles are made over to ideal aesthetic standards.
  • We have patients who weren’t aware of the difference cosmetic changes would make in their self-confidence and countenance until Dr. Comfortes helped them see what was possible and provided them with phased treatment they could afford.
  • We have diabetic patients who struggle with periodontal inflammation, and Dr. Comfortes has helped them achieve optimal oral health and vibrant, healthy smiles. In association with healthy gum tissue, they have had improved systemic health.
  • We have patients whose dental enamel or gum tissue was ravaged by acid reflux, bulimia, or periodontal disease. Dr. Comfortes has helped these patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles with advanced restorative techniques.
  • We have many adult patients who spent their adolescence and early adulthood embarrassed about their smiles, and finally have the courage and confidence to say, “I want a smile I can be proud of.”
  • And, not everyone who comes to Dr. Isaac Comfortes is seeking a cosmetic smile makeover or whole mouth restoration. In fact, many discover a smile makeover will be in their best interest during the process of routine preventive dental visits and appointments for treating specific periodontal or dental problems.

Smile makeovers by Dr. Comfortes are a wonderful experience.

Together you and Dr. Comfortes will explore your mouth and talk about what you like and don’t like about your oral health and smile. You will be encouraged to talk about your oral health and cosmetic concerns and priorities. Dr Comfortes will explain the considerations involved in restoring your teeth and gum tissue to optimal health and beauty. After conversation and making records of your mouth, including x-rays, photographs and dental impressions, Dr. Comfortes will spend focused time thinking about your special case and what treatment plan and options would be best for you.

He will meet with you to go over the best options with you and explain why he is recommending specific procedures. You will learn details about what to expect. He and his office manager will inform you about associated costs, and she will assist you in making your financial arrangements. Keep in mind that, with today’s materials and techniques, many smile makeovers can be achieved in a few short weeks. With today’s credit options, a smile makeover can be paid for over an extended period of time.

When you undergo any restorative or cosmetic procedure that could be uncomfortable or painful, Dr. Comfortes will take special measures to make sure you are comfortable and, appropriately numbed. Because he is one of a few dentists in the U.S. offering NuCalm deep relaxation technology, many patients refer their friends and family to him for relaxed appointments that actually refresh and re-energize the body and mind.

During a smile makeover, it is common to undergo a “physical and emotional health” transformation, as well as a “cosmetic” transformation. You may find that the smile makeover process is a time of inner reflection, emotional restoration, inspiration, and laughter. Some patients are surprised to find themselves crying tears of joy.

If you are afraid of dentists and dental treatment, we encourage you to give us a call. You will discover that your dental experiences here are peaceful, restful, and fully comfortable. Dr. Comfortes has restored the mouths of patients whose dental phobia prevented them from scheduling routine preventive care and treatment. Before coming here, they suffered from significant oral health problems. Today they eat, smile and talk with confidence, and rave about their dentist, Dr. Comfortes!

What if your smile makeover needs are extensive?

In addition to making aesthetic improvements in the smiles of his patients, Dr. Comfortes successfully reconstructs whole mouths for patients suffering from complex oral health problems, including missing teeth, highly worn and cracked teeth, painfully diseased teeth, bite problems, loss of periodontal soft tissue and bone, and difficult staining. In 2003, he pioneered a brand new treatment modality that conservatively and successfully restores the tooth surfaces of individuals with significant dental enamel erosion due to bulimia and acid reflex disease.

Dr. Comfortes takes time to carefully plan whole mouth restoration and phase treatment for optimal results that will last. These results include health, comfort, full function, and natural-appearing ideal aesthetics. When you visit his office, you will see the radiant transformed smiles of his patients captured in photo images. Like these patients, you can have it all—a radiant, beautiful smile that is healthy and lasts.

The reasons patients choose Dr. Comfortes go beyond his expertise in smile design and cosmetic procedures.

Even though patients initially come to Dr. Comfortes for a variety of reasons they will tell you they are motivated to come back again and again over the years because:

  1. He hears their concerns and aspirations.
  2. He understands them intellectually and emotionally.
  3. He is a caregiver, spending intentional personal time with them.
  4. His diagnostics and oral care are thorough and comprehensive.
  5. His dental restorations are exquisite and last for decades.
  6. After treatment, their bite is comfortable, and their restorations are designed to facilitate flossing and brushing.
  7. His offers comfort measures above and beyond most dentists, including NuCalm deep relaxation.
  8. He is aware of their systemic health, offers saliva diagnostics, develops treatment plans that address oral inflammation, and helps them measurably improve their overall health with counseling and referrals.
  9. He inspires them and celebrates with them as their oral health, systemic health, and smile appearance improve.
  10. He remains their friend for a lifetime.

Are you considering a smile makeover in Encino, CA?

You owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Isaac Comfortes to learn what is possible for you and to experience a dentist with an artist’s eye and a healer’s compassion. Make a sound investment in your health and future. Call us today to schedule your special time with Dr. Comfortes — (818) 990-9101.