Comprehensive Dental Exams for Ongoing Oral Health

People of all ages should have regular dental exams. Dr. Comfortes will do a thorough exam and guide you in the frequency of visits that will be best for your needs. The dental exam you have with Dr. Isaac Comfortes may be unlike one you have ever had before. His genuine concern for you and ability to listen well for your concerns and desires is just the start to the exceptional experience you will have. He will spend time getting to know you and your medical and oral health history. He will be interested in the story of your previous dental experiences. He will take you on a tour of your mouth and smile. During this tour, you will learn details about your oral health and what is possible for you. He will want to address any urgent concerns you have and pain you are experiencing. He will thoroughly look for tooth decay, gum disease, and structural dental problems. If your smile objectives include making cosmetic enhancements, he will discuss with you what is possible to achieve with various treatment options and give you the opportunity to think about what you might like to do. With the records made during your dental exam, he will be able to spend time planning appropriate treatment and at a second appointment begin solving existing problems, preventing future ones, and achieving your smile enhancement goals.

What to Expect at Your Exam

Dr. Comfortes will converse with you about your medical and dental history. He will spend some time getting to know you and your concerns. During the clinical exam, he will evaluate the health of the soft tissue of your mouth, jaw joints, and teeth. He will examine you for oral cancer and palpate your jaw muscles looking for tenderness—as this can be indicative of clenching, grinding, poor occlusion (how your teeth come together when you bite), and problems of the jaw joint.

Dr. Comfortes will examine your gum tissue, looking for the telltale signs of periodontal disease, including gum recession, bleeding, inflammation, and redness. He will also conduct an oral cancer screening, searching for small red or white lesions. If he sees anything out of the ordinary, he will refer you to a specialist for further examination and biopsy.

When he conducts a visual exam of your teeth, he will look for small cracks and structural flaws, signs of excessive wear from teeth grinding or tooth-on-tooth contact, and external signs of decay. Because cavities are often invisible to the naked eye, we will take digital x-rays, typically once a year. These x-rays are essential in diagnosing decay and structural problems in individual teeth. As he is examining your digital x-rays and examining your teeth and bite, he will converse with you about what he is finding and the possible causes of any uncovered problems.

Together, you will look at your smile and talk about the concerns you may have about the appearance of your teeth and gums. If you have a desire for changes that will enhance your appearance, he will spend time talking to you about what is possible, what treatments he would recommend for a healthy smile makeover, and considerations such as affordable financing. You will never feel pressure to accept cosmetic treatment, as Dr. Comfortes understands patients need time for thoughtful consideration of what is most appropriate for them. Restoring or maintaining health will be the first priority. Establishing a healthy foundation is always the first goal.

Dr. Comfortes is very gentle and thorough during his exams. However, he understands that you may still feel nervous about your visit. If you struggle with dental anxiety, he offers NuCalmTM. This all-natural treatment will combat adrenaline, ease physical tension, and help you relax during your checkup.

The Importance of Regular Checkups

Routine exams are essential if you want to enjoy ongoing dental health. If decay goes unnoticed and untreated, it will spread quickly. Eventually, it can affect your nearby teeth, your gum tissue, and even your jawbone. You may also develop a dental infection. Through routine care, we hope to prevent cavities from developing in the first place. However, if you do suffer from tooth decay, it is best to receive treatment early on. In the initial stages, we can typically address a cavity with a simple tooth-colored composite dental filling.

Periodontal disease is a common health issue, and it is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Fortunately, when he catches the condition early, Dr. Comfortes can often treat the condition with a thorough cleaning and not need to refer you to a periodontal specialist.

DNA Saliva Testing is Available Here

Most people realize their body’s health is affected by the foods they eat and the presence or absence of oral disease. Dr. Comfortes offers DNA saliva testing to ascertain your risk of periodontal disease and the presence of specific periopathogenic bacteria so he can help you better eliminate inflammation in your mouth and the spread of bacteria and inflammation throughout your body. Health-conscious patients are delighted with the availability of this relatively low cost diagnostic because chronic gum disease is a contributor to inflammatory disease throughout the body and prevalent health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Health-conscious Californians who want their smiles to remain young can stay on top of any developing gum inflammation.

How Often Should You Have a Dental Exam?

Based on your needs, we will recommend a frequency of appointments for dental cleanings and checkups, as well as for any recommended restorative treatment. You will receive individualized care based on your health needs and preferences.

Contact Our Office to Schedule Your Exam

Whether you have a history of decay or a clean dental health history, regular checkups are essential for maintaining a healthy smile. Contact our office today to book an appointment.